Anyone who says that they want to secure the border and then turns around and says that they want to reward ANY of the illegal alien law breaking INVADERS with being allowed to remain in our country doesn’t have the stones to be president of the USA! People who don’t respect our laws or borders don’t respect our country or people. Those people don’t deserve to be allowed to remain in our country no matter how long they have managed to stay here, how many anchor babies they have burrowed in with or what church they belong to… period. They have already cost the American taxpayers a fortune in education of their children, medical care and incarceration for the worst of them. They have already cost us countless American lives that didn’t need to be lost if our government had only enforced our current immigration laws. With all of that, haven’t we paid enough to keep them? To allow ANY of these trespassers to remain in our country will only serve to send a message to others that if they are able to get into our country, build a family and lay low and stay out of trouble long enough the stupid Americans will once again reward lawlessness with a permanent home here. We know that’s exactly the message that they will get and that more will come because we have been through it several times… and each time we end up with more illegals than the last time. NO THANK YOU!
To Newt and the other bleeding hearts who don’t want to break up their families, their anchor babies have dual citizenship so they can pack up their kids and take them with them! And don’t let them fool you with that ridiculous BS about their kids not being able to speak the language of their parents so they won’t be able to assimilate in their parents’ countries. A good 90+% of those kids have been interpreters for their parents all of their lives because their parents usually refuse to learn English!!! STOP BEING SUCKERS FOR THEIR SOB STORIES! They made the choice to come here knowing full well what the consequences could be for them and any children that THEY CHOSE to have. That’s THEIR problem and responsibility. We are not responsible for the problems that they created for themselves or their children but we have already been paying for their choices. Until we ALL get this reality through our heads and start enforcing our laws on ALL who break them we will never secure our border because there will always be those who are willing to risk coming here and our laws will be nothing but a joke!!!
And to those who feel the urge to whine ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’… I’m an American of Mexican descent, 2nd generation. I don’t care where these people come from, if they come here illegally they need to GO HOME! We don’t have to pay to deport them. Again, haven’t we paid enough to keep them? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO MAS!!! All we have to do is enforce our immigration laws without apology on ALL who break them and make it impossible for them to work or live here… as it SHOULD be. We’ll save a fortune in taxpayer dollars and gain plenty of jobs for American citizens and legal residents in the process.